January 28, 2021 1 min read

Do you see a design you'd prefer on a sweatshirt, tank, raglan, or long sleeved tee?

Do you want VIP access to new designs and one of a kinds?

Do you want to have a week of virtual fun with your best Facebook friends?

Then you need a Tee Party in your life!

Contact us at https://www.facebook.com/shopmillsmerc with a PM to schedule your Tee Party!

How it works:

If you've ever been to an online Facebook party for the popular cooking gadgets line with the initals "PC", it's very similar, except no recipes 🙂

  1. You pick a date for your party based on the options I give you.

  2. Before your party, I set up a group on Facebook. You join and invite all of your friends!

  3. When the party starts, I post tee designs - classic designs and new designs of the screenprinted tees that I create.

  4. You and your friends go to my website to place your tee orders.

  5. The party closes after seven days.

  6. For every SIX tees you sell, you receive ONE FREE TEE!

  7. Tees are made by yours truly and shipped out within ten business days of party closing date.

  8. You wear your FREE tees with joy!

I am scheduling parties now, so contact us on Facebook or Instagram (@shopmillsmerc) to get started earning free merch!